A mathematical Institute for Sparse Computations in Science and Engineering

Sparsitute brings leading researchers across the nation working on various aspects of sparsity together to accelerate progress and impact. Our ambitious research agenda will drastically advance the state-of-the-art in sparse computations both as a unified topic and within three broad pillars: sparse and structured matrix computations, sparse tensor problems, and sparse network problems, as well as their interconnections.

This provides new capabilities for problems that already have sparsity acknowledged but not fully harnessed and problems where sparsity has not been discovered. Our institute will play a pivotal role in analyzing the data at system, micro, and nano scales captured from different earth-shot applications. Thus, it will have a synergistic impact on scientific computing and scientific data analysis investments by DOE.

Sparsitute is a Mathematical Multifaceted Integrated Capability Center (MMICC) funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Advanced Scientific Computing Research for the five year period 2022-2027. Program manager is Bill Spotz.